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What are Business English Premier Lessons ?



Premier lessons cover the latest topics in the news, with new lessons available each month to help you keep learners from B1 to B2+ engaged with stories from around the world of business. 

Business English Premier Lessons are the perfect supplementary resource.
 They are offered to teachers who prescribe Market Leader or/and Business Partner series to their students. 

Lessons are based on authentic material from the Financial Times and written by highly-experienced business English authors.

You can use the lessons for extension in the class or give them to learners for self study.

You can download your monthly Business English Premier Lessons from Pearson English Portal.

This system will replace the Market Leader Premier Lessons that you used to have on subscription. 

New lessons every month

Business English Premier lessons are based on recent articles from the Financial Times. No extra preparation is needed, just get the lessons and start teaching. And with new lessons available each month, never run out of new material for your class.

Available on Pearson English portal

Business English Premier Lessons are available at no extra cost through your teachers’ access to the English Portal


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*This subscription is free for teachers who prescribed to their students our coursebooks Market Leader or Business Partner. 

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