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global scale of english

The first truly global English language standard


What is it?

The GSE is the World's first truly global English standard. It allows teachers to more accurately and easily measure learner progress, and learners to have a clear understanding of what needs to be mastered at each CEFR level.


How does it work?

The free toolkit will guide you towards the learner actual English level, filtering over 2.000 learning objectives, 450 grammar objectives, 39.000 vocabulary items and 80.000 collocations.

Who should use the GSE?

Teachers who want to accurately place students, based on their skills and objectives, and learners who need to focus on their goals or have a clear understanding of their progress.

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English portal

A single access to our digital courseware and resources - and a new era for English teaching

What is it?

A Portal to ALL our teaching and learning resources, including online and offline content and MyEnglishLab 

How does it work?

Create a free account here, insert access codes you found in Pearson Coursebooks and explore! 

Who should use the Portal?

Teachers and students who need to have a single access to multimedia resources and English Platforms, saving time and using just one username and password.

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My English Lab

Better results, full student support, and more time for teachers: three of the reasons why teachers and learners worlwide choose MyEnglishLab


What is it?

MyEnglishLab is Pearson's blended learning solution for learners and teachers of English. It delivers your Pearson course content online, allowing students hours of practice and providing numerous class management tools for the teacher.


How does it work?

MyEnglishLab can be used for homework and extra practice online. Students access the platform with their own personal access code, usually found in their printed coursebook. The activities are built into a lesson plan and provide practice in all four skills, instant feedback and tips.

Teachers can use MyEnglishLab through their own teacher's account. They can manage classes and cohorts, assign activities, design lesson plans, monitor progress and assess their learners.

MyEnglishLab can be integrated in most LMS, including Moodle and Blackboard.

Who should use MyEnglishLab?

Teachers and schools or universities who want to implement a blended learning approach; busy teachers who want to save time marking papers and assigning homework; teachers with mixed-ability classes; learners who want to learn at their own pace and who needs lots of guided practice; teachers and learners who want to measure progress and improve learning outcomes.

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