Accounting: Global Edition

9e édition

With its tried-and-true framework and respected author team, Horngren/Harrison/Oliver's Accounting is the trusted choice for instructors and students of Principles of Accounting.

The ninth edition preserves the classic, solid foundation of the previous editions, while also including a modern and fresh teaching approach that helps students understand the complexities of accounting, giving them more "I Get It!" moments.

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Pearson Education
Walter T Harrison, Charles Horngren, Suzanne Oliver,
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comptabilité, Horngren, manuel, ouvrage en anglais, VitalSource
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Manuels et lecture complémentaires > Économie & Gestion > Finance & Comptabilité > Comptabilité
Catégorie (éditeur)
Manuels et lecture complémentaires > Économie & Gestion > Finance & Comptabilité
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BUS001000 BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Accounting
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KFC Accounting
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05 Enseignement supérieur
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16 décembre 2011
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Classification thématique Thema: Comptabilité

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16 décembre 2011
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01. Accounting and the business environment
02. Recording business transactions
03. The adjusting process
04. Completing the accounting cycle
05. Merchandising operations
06. Merchandise inventory
07. Internal control and cash
08. Receivables
09. Plant assets and intangibles
10. Current liabilities and payroll
11. Long-term liabilities, Bonds Payable, and Classification of Liabilities on the Balance Sheet
12. Corporations, paid-in capital, and the balance sheet
13. Corporations: effects on retained earnings and the income statement
14. Statement of cash flows
15. Financial statement analysis
16. Introduction to management accounting
17. Job order and process costing
18. Activity-based costing and other cost-management tools
19. Cost-volume-profit analysis
20. Short-term business decisions
21. Capital investment decisions and the time value of money
22. The master budget and responsibility accounting
23. Flexible budgets and standard costs
24. Performance evaluation and the balanced scorecard

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