Business Statistics: Pearson New International Edition

2e édition

This book is ideal for a one-semester course in business statistics, offering a streamlined presentation of Business Statistics, by Sharpe, De Veaux, and Velleman.

The Second Edition provides a wealth of examples and exercises so that the story is always tied to the way statistics is used to make better business decisions. New to this edition are For Examples (illustrative examples), Section Exercises (single-concept exercises), and part-ending Case Studies (which are more in-depth than the Brief Cases located at the end of chapters). To help students become proficient with technology, the Second Edition includes instructions for JMP®, Minitab®, and SPSS®, as well as new and expanded coverage of Excel® 2010 and the add-in XLSTAT™ for Pearson. Screenshots of output are included throughout the chapters.

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Pearson Education
Norean Sharpe, Richard De Veaux, Paul Velleman,
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manuel, ouvrage en anglais, statistiques, VitalSource
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Manuels et lecture complémentaires > Économie & Gestion > Sciences appliquées à la gestion
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BUS091000 BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Business Mathematics
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KJQ Business mathematics & systems
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05 Enseignement supérieur
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01 novembre 2013
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Classification thématique Thema: Mathématiques et système des affaires

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01 novembre 2013
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I Exploring and Collecting Data
01. Statistics and Variation
02. Data
03. Surveys and Sampling
04. Displaying and Describing Categorical Data
05. Displaying and Describing Quantitative Data
06. Correlation and Linear Regression

II Modeling with Probablity
07. Randomness and Probability
08. Random Variables and Probability Models
09. The Normal Distribution
10. Sampling Distributions

III Inference for Decision Making
11. Confidence Intervals for Proportions
12. Confidence Intervals for Means
13. Testing Hypotheses
14. Comparing Two Groups
15. Inference for Counts: Chi-Square Tests

IV Models for Decision Making
16. Inference for Regression
17. Understanding Residuals
18. Multiple Regression
19. Building Multiple Regression Models
20. Time Series Analysis

V Selected Topics in Decision Making
21. Design and Analysis of Experiments and Observational Studies
22. Quality Control
23. Nonparametric Methods
24. Decision Making and Risk
25. Introduction to Data Mining

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