Biology: A Global Approach

Global Edition
12e édition

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Biology: A Global Approach delivers a trusted, accurate, current, and pedagogically innovative experience that guides students to a true understanding of biology. The author team advances Neil Campbell's vision of meeting and equipping students at their individual skill levels by developing tools, visuals, resources, and activities that encourage participation and engage students in their learning. Known for strategically integrating text and artwork, this trusted course solution reinforces key concepts, builds scientific skills, and promotes active learning. The 12th Edition meets demonstrated student needs with new student-centered features and a fully revised assessment program.

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Neil Campbell, Lisa Urry, Michael Cain, Steven Wasserman, Peter Minorsky, Jane B. Ree,
Global Edition / English textbooks
Catégorie (éditeur)
Manuels et lecture complémentaires > Sciences, techniques et médecine > Biologie
Catégorie (éditeur)
Manuels et lecture complémentaires > Sciences, techniques et médecine > Soins infirmiers
Catégorie (éditeur)
Manuels et lecture complémentaires > Sciences, techniques et médecine
Catégorie (éditeur)
Manuels et lecture complémentaires
BISAC Subject Heading
SCI000000 SCIENCE > SCI086000 SCIENCE / Life Sciences > SCI008000 SCIENCE / Life Sciences / Biology
BIC subject category (UK)
P Mathematics & science > PS Biology, life sciences
Code publique Onix
05 Enseignement supérieur
CLIL (Version 2013-2019 )
3051 SCIENCES FONDAMENTALES > 3065 Sciences de la vie > 4042 Biologie
Date de première publication du titre
08 mai 2020

VitalSource eBook

Date de publication
28 octobre 2013
Nombre de pages de contenu principal : 322
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  • A revised structure placing each chapter within the ecological context and making greater use of opening vignettes by integrating and discussing them frequently within chapters. 
  • A reorganized table of contents providing a smoother and more logical transition among topics and chapters.
  • Placement of questions throughout each chapter allowing readers to pause and reflect on important issues and how the information applies to their own lives and to others with whom they are in contact.
  • Deletion of chapter on “Cultural Aspects of Physical Growth and Development” with portions moved to other relevant chapters.
  • The text has been completely updated with the addition of several new topics and the inclusion of the latest in research findings and references.
  • New photographs, boxed material, and suggestions for further readings.



  • Chapter 1 includes clarification of the emic-etic distinction, individualism-collectivism, and additional information on the Human Genome project.
  • Chapter 2 adds expanded coverage of major theories with discussions of the strengths and limitations of each, along with additional real-life examples in support of theories.
  • Chapter 3 contains new information on the crucial topic of socialization. 
  • Chapter 4 includes new sections on cultural images of aging, gay relationships, and an expanded discussion of the changing context of families.
  • Chapter 5 includes cross-cultural comparisons of second language learning as well as results from recent studies of dyslexia providing insights into the relationships between cognition and language; new material on reasoning and decision making in adulthood including controversies surrounding cognitive aging.  
  • Chapter 6 has been substantially revised to focus greater attention on environmental and genetic influences on temperament and personality development, cultural influences on identity formation, changes in personality during later adulthood and a new section on the “aging” self. 
  • Chapter 7 focuses greater attention on early social relationships within the ecological context and their contribution to later social behavior, the expanding role of individualism and collectivism, introduction to the critical issue of bullying in childhood and cross-cultural differences, and a discussion of attachment, social support, and well being in later adulthood. 
  • Chapter 8 is devoted to culture and issues of gender and sexuality with an expanded discussion of theoretical perspectives, new material on sex preference and its influence on behavior across the lifespan, and examples of changing gender culture throughout the world.
  • Chapter 9 focuses greater attention on ecological influences on health issues and emerging research on healing.
  • Chapter 10 has been substantially revised and updated to reflect future trends in cross-cultural developmental research and application of findings to a wide range of global issues.
  • Reference section provides the latest citations including a large number of works published between 2007 and 2010.

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