Business Partner - Niveau B1

La nouvelle méthode pour l'anglais des affaires avec une méthode pratique, ancrée dans la réalité de l'entreprise et de nombreuses ressources en ligne. Lire la suite

Discover the innovative world of Business Partner, a new eight-level business English course for learners and professionals who want to communicate effectively in English in the workplace. Partnering with the Financial Times means that this course also offers a wealth of international business information on a wide variety of topics.

• Personalize your learning experience with a structured modular approach that gives the flexibility to focus on specific needs and learning outcomes.
• Study real-life business stories provided through authentic videos that draw you in and keep you motivated.
• Learn about key business topics such as Careers choices, Business Sectors, Projects, Global markets and Communication.
• Immerse yourself in the integrated video-based Communication skills training programme to develop awareness of communication issues, including building rapport, dealing with interruptions, managing conversations, dealing with disagreement and responding to customer concerns.
• Get practical training in functional business skills such as networking, selling a product, dealing with conflict and generating and presenting ideas.
• Work on realistic case studies in the Business workshops.
• Evaluate your progress step by step against the Global Scale of English Learning Objectives for Professional English.
• Prepare for business English exams such as BEC, BULATS, LCCI and PTE Professional™.

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Margaret O'Keeffe, Evan Frendo, Lewis Lansford, Ros Wright, Lizzie Wright,
Mots clés
anglais, anglais professionnel, apprentissage de l'anglais, ELT
Catégorie (éditeur)
English teaching > Anglais professionnel
Catégorie (éditeur)
English teaching
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01 Grand public > 06 Professionnel et académique > 07 ELT/ESL (apprentissage d'anglais)
CLIL (Version 2013-2019 )
3037 Formation pour adulte
Description public visé
• Professionnels en poste ou en recherche qui doivent améliorer leur anglais pour progresser dans leur carrière • Étudiants en école de commerce, LEA, ou tout étudiant ayant besoin d'améliorer son niveau d'anglais dans un but professionnel.
Date de première publication du titre
17 août 2018

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17 août 2018
Nombre de pages de contenu principal : 160
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21 x 29,7 cm
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Version 2.1, Version 3

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Business Partner B1 - Workshop

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