Essential College Physics: Pearson New International Edition

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Pearson Education
Andrew Rex, Richard Wolfson,
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SCI055000 SCIENCE / Physics
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PH Physics
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05 College/higher education
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01 novembre 2013
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Classification thématique Thema: Physique

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01 novembre 2013
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1.  Measurements in Physics

2.  Motion in One Dimension

3.  Motion in Two Dimensions

4.  Force and Newton’s Laws of Motion

5.  Work and Energy

6.  Momentum and Collisions

7.  Oscillations

8.  Rotational Motion

9.  Gravitation

10.  Solids and Fluids

11.  Waves and Sound

12.  Temperature, Thermal Expansion, and Ideal Gases

13.  Heat

14.  The Laws of Thermodynamics

15.  Electric Charges, Forces, and Fields

16.  Electric Energy, Potential, and Capacitors

17.  Electric Current, Resistance, and Circuits

18.  Magnetic Fields and Forces

19.  Electromagnetic Induction and AC Circuits

20.  Electromagnetic Waves and Special Relativity

21.  Geometrical Optics

22.  Wave Optics

23.  Early Modern Physics

24.  Atomic Physics

25.  Nuclear Physics

26.  Elementary Particles

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