Statistics for The Behavioral and Social Sciences: Pearson New International Edition

A Brief Course
5e édition

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Arthur Aron, Elliot Coups, Elaine N. Aron,
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SOC002000 SOCIAL SCIENCE / Anthropology > SOC024000 SOCIAL SCIENCE / Research > SOC026000 SOCIAL SCIENCE / Sociology > SOC027000 SOCIAL SCIENCE / Statistics
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JH Sociology & anthropology > JHBC Social research & statistics
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05 Enseignement supérieur
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01 novembre 2013
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Classification thématique Thema: Anthropologie
Classification thématique Thema: Recherche sociale et statistiques
Classification thématique Thema: Sociologie

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01 novembre 2013
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Chapter 1 - Displaying the Order in a Group of Numbers Using Tables and Graphs


Chapter 2 - The Mean, Variance, Standard Deviation, and Z Scores


Chapter 3 - Correlation and Prediction


Chapter 4 - Some Key Ingredients for Inferential Statistics: The Normal Curve, Sample Versus Population, and Probability


Chapter 5 - Introduction to Hypothesis Testing


Chapter 6 - Hypothesis Tests with Means of Samples


Chapter 7 - Making Sense of Statistical Significance: Effect Size and Statistical Power


Chapter 8 - Introduction to the t Test: Single Sample and Dependent Means


Chapter 9 - The t Test for Independent Means


Chapter 10 - Introduction to the Analysis of Variance


Chapter 11- Chi-Square Tests and Strategies When Population Distributions Are Not Normal


Chapter 12 - Applying Statistical Methods in Your Own Research Project

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