Darwinism in a Consumer-Driven World

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This practical guide explores the boundaries of this new consumer-driven world involved by the digital technology, selecting the most relevant examples of transformation projects. Lire la suite

"Modern companies should focus more on their "improvisation capabilities" that rely on data, innovation, collaboration and individuals' own adaptation capabilities. Erik and Kyle provide a useful framework to think corporate strategy from a different perspective in this book that perfectly applies evolutionist theory to the digital age."
Vincent Stuhlen, Global Head of Digital, l'Oréal, Luxury Division

"Erik and Kyle help every executive to understand the impact of the technology revolution we are experiencing. Readers will find in these pages valuable insights on the importance of change and adapting their business to this new world."
Alex Dayon, President Applications & Platform, Salesforce.com

"This book serves as a practical guide, stems from well-selected real world examples and blossoms into four nature-inspired models for customer relationship management."
Xi Zhang, Strategy Senior Manager, China Resources Group

"For the financial services industry, where competition is intense and consumers are in charge, the frameworks and analogies offered provide practical ideas for staying ahead and thriving in a consumer-driven world."
Karyn Furstman, Customer Experience Executive, Safeco Insurance, a Liberty Mutual company

“This darwinian approach, which comes from the B2C world, is also quite present in our B2B environment. It's a source of inspiration that helps us better understand the needs of our customers, be it our industrial partners or our end users/ passengers.”
Yann Barbaux, SVP Innovation, Airbus S.A.S.

“Hutchins and Campanini provide a memorable framework that balances rapid adaptation with reliable delivery. It's a must read for any business that finds it challenging to keep up with the exponential growth of customer expectations.”
Deanna Oppenheimer, CEO CameoWorks, Global Board Member of Tesco


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I The four nature-inspired models in a consumer driven world
01. Major changes in the consumer and business environment
02. 1st Nature-Inspired Model: Develop symbiosis
03. 2nd Nature-Inspired Model: Enhance migration
04. 3rd Nature-Inspired Model: Supercharge your instinct
05. 4th Nature-Inspired Model: Leverage natural selection

II Entertain and empower your customers
06. You need to become an entertainment company!
07. Deliver premium service through self‑service
08. Boost customer commitment through co-creation
09. Preparing for a mobile-only future
10. The future of retail
11. Leverage emerging markets' digital experience

III Trust and protect your customers
12. Become a trusted third party
13. Migrate and build your own market‑place: A new "habitat" for your business
14. Realizing and monetizing the personal data opportunity
15. Big data: Open your intuition
16. Shift your view from campaign efficiency to interaction
17. How to build a "customer-for-life" relationship
18. Simple and secure: New transaction models
19. The future of customer service: "Rage against the machine"?

IV Over-deliver on customer management operations
20. Becoming digital by default
21. Customer ecosystems
22. How ready is your company for digital disruption?
23. IT architecture for a multi-channel world:It's time to migrate!
24. Unleash your e-commerce potential by becoming an e-category captain!
25. Designing a digital delivery ecosystem
26. Not your father's CRM platform
27. Create a "digital academy" to foster digital integration
28. New role of the human resources director
29. B2B: Mirroring B2C and going beyond


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