Innovation is a game!

The Cubification Method

You want to innovate? You like the game but you never managed to solve a Rubik's cube? Good news, this method is made for you! Lire la suite

How to make the innovation process more stimulating and playful? How to represent your challenge
in a tangible and manipulated form? How can you imagine new offers for your organisation or new
trajectories for yourself?

What if, instead of writing down your ideas, you put them into game?
This book proposes an original and operational method to gamify the innovation process, to promote
the teams' involvement and to bring out many feasible, original or even disruptive ideas.

The method will allow you to generate ideas based on 6 dimensions –one dimension for each side of
the cube– representing the essential components of your new product or service offer:
• Users: For which types of customers (people or organisations) do you create the product or service?
• Places: Where will you deliver your offer? What type of space is most suitable to use it?
• Resources: What are your key resources to build your offer?
• Game changers: What scenarios could change or differentiate your offer?
• Advantages: What is the advantage that your product or service provides to the user?
• Revenue stream: How will you make your business model sustainable?
Bringing together gaming, creativity and storytelling, the Cubification Method has already been used by
thousands of people: Engie, Suez, BnF, Maped, Capgemini, Somfy, etc. Used in personal development,
entrepreneurship, business development or training, the method has been tested on extremely varied
playgrounds: incubators, universities, small and major enterprises, as well as large international
organisations and NGOs.

Playful and richly illustrated, the book sets out the principles of the method and many tips to apply it.
The real cases –The Playgrounds– proposed at the end of the book are a source of inspiration and
make the best practices accessible to all. With this book, you will identify the mechanisms of the game
that promote creativity and learn, step by step, to set up the Cubification Method in the context that
interests you.

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Hélène Michel,
Mots clés
cubification, innovation, jeu
Catégorie (éditeur)
Manuels et lecture complémentaires > Stratégie / Innovation > Innovation
Catégorie (éditeur)
Manuels et lecture complémentaires > Stratégie / Innovation > Stratégie
Catégorie (éditeur)
Manuels et lecture complémentaires > Stratégie / Innovation
BISAC Subject Heading
BIC subject category (UK)
KJD Business innovation
Code publique Onix
06 Professionnel et académique
CLIL (Version 2013-2019 )
Date de première publication du titre
07 décembre 2018

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07 décembre 2018
Nombre de pages de contenu principal : 176
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17 x 24 cm
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07 décembre 2018
Nombre de pages de contenu principal : 176
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I. The principles of gamification for businesess
01. Illustrated Principles of Gamification
02. Games Mechanisms: Theoretical Foundations
03. The Challenges of Gamification in Management
II. The Cubification Method
04. Founding Principles of the Cubification Method
05. The Key Steps of the Method
06. Organisation of a Session
III. Playgrounds
07. Personal Development: Re-Think your Career
08. Entrepreneurship: Create the First Offer of your Start-Up
09. Business Development: Develop your Business Offer
10. Change Management: Foster Creativity in Your Team
11. Innovation Training: Develop Skills and Inspire Entrepreneurship
12. Innovation Consultancy: Guide Organisations in Their Transformation
13. Open Innovation: Open Up Your Innovation Strategy

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