Nudge management

Applying behavioural science to boost well-being, engagement and performance at work

How can you boost your employees' engagement and promote a positive team spirit? How can you establish a physical and mental atmosphere in the workplace that generates well-being and ensures managers make good decisions? How can you make your company more efficient? Lire la suite

Drawing on the latest research in Behavioral Science, this book will help you improve your understanding of what really makes us do what we do at work. It will help you make better decisions, and give you the tools to build a physical and psychological environment that will benefit your company. Little Nudges can make big differences.

The first part of the book takes a look at what we've learned about human reactions from findings in Behavioral Science, and how they can be used to pinpoint what gets in the way of successful performance at work (decision-making, personal efficiency, etc.). In the second part, you will learn how to create a physical and psychological environment that increases individual performance and triggers effective and cross-disciplinary teamwork. The third and final part will give you insight and tools to bring about positive collective behavior.

Whether you are a company manager, an employee, or a human resources specialist, Nudge Management contains the tools you need to optimize your work environment and boost employee engagement. Win-win.

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Éric Singler,

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bien-être, entrepreneurs, entreprise, équipes, management, neurosciences, Nudge, ressources humaines, RH, sciences comportementales, travail d'équipe
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Professionnels des ressources humaines, managers, dirigeants d'entreprise, étudiants en ressources humaines
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04 janvier 2019

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04 janvier 2019
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04 janvier 2019
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La revue des marques

- La revue des marques
Le nudge a d'abord ete applique pour améliorer l'efficacité des politiques publiques Puis les marques s'en sont emparées pour améliorer I'efficacité de leurs actions et concilier marketing et RSE. Le management aussi s'inspire de l'économie comportementale et du nudge pour créer de l'engagement, du bien-être et de la performance au travail. Le nudge management est le sujet du nouveau livre d'Eric Singler, directeur général de BVA et expert de I'économie comportementale. Le nudge appliqué au management consiste à inciter les collaborateurs à faire le bon choix, celui qui leur profitera comme à leur entreprise. Grâce aux

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Introduction: The incentive revolution
I. Using behavioral science to solve business and societal challenges
01. Behavioral science: From Homo economicus to Homo psychologicus
02. The four challenges of behavioral science in the workplace: cognitive biases in action
03. What really generates engagement

II. Creating the pillars for individual effectiveness and performance
04. Being effective at work: From organization to state of mind
05. First key incentive: A workplace geared towards well-being
06. An engaging psychological environment: inciting through leadership and progressive management 

III. Encouraging groups to adopt winning behavior
07. A basic requirement: talents that can work together
08. Encouraging innovation and lifelong learning
09. Applying Nudge management to any business challenge

Conclusion: I have a dream…

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