Sociology: Pearson New International Edition

A Down-to-Earth Approach
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James M. Henslin,
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SOC002000 SOCIAL SCIENCE / Anthropology > SOC026000 SOCIAL SCIENCE / Sociology
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JH Sociology & anthropology
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05 Enseignement supérieur
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01 novembre 2013
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Classification thématique Thema: Anthropologie
Classification thématique Thema: Sociologie

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01 novembre 2013
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Part 1   The Sociological Perspective


Chapter 1    The Sociological Perspective  

Chapter 2    Culture

Chapter 3    Socialization  

Chapter 4    Social Structure and Social Interaction   

Chapter 5    How Sociologists Do Research


Part II Social Groups and Social Control


Chapter 6    Societies to Social Networks

Chapter 7    Bureaucracy and Formal Organizations

Chapter 8    Deviance and Social Control


Part III Social Inequality  


Chapter 9    Global Stratification   

Chapter 10 Social Class in the United States  

Chapter 11 Sex and Gender   

Chapter 12 Race and Ethnicity  

Chapter 13 The Elderly


Part IV Social Institutions


Chapter 14 The Economy  

Chapter 15 Politics

Chapter 16 Marriage and Family  

Chapter 17 Education   

Chapter 18 Religion   

Chapter 19 Medicine and Health


Part V Social Change 


Chapter 20 Population and Urbanization   

Chapter 21 Collective Behavior and Social Movements

Chapter 22 Social Change and the Environment






Part 1   The Sociological Perspective


Chapter 1: The Sociological Perspective    


   The Sociological Perspective  

   Sociology and the Other Sciences   

   Origins of Sociology  

   Values in Sociological Research   

   Verstehen and Social Facts   

   Sociology in North America   

   Theoretical Perspectives in Sociology

   Trends Shaping the Future of Sociology

   Summary and Review  



Chapter 2: Culture


   What Is Culture?  

   Components of Symbolic Culture  

   Many Cultural Worlds 

   Values in U.S. Society  

   Cultural Universals  

   Technology in the Global Village  

   Summary and Review  

   Through the Author’s Lens:Looking at Subcultures


Chapter 3: Socialization  


   Society Makes Us Human

   Socialization into the Self and Mind

   Learning Personality, Morality, and Emotions

   Socialization into Gender  

   Agents of Socialization     


   Socialization Through the Life Course

   Are We Prisoners of Socialization?  

   Summary and Review  


Chapter 4: Social Structure and Social Interaction 


   Levels of Sociological Analysis    

   The Macrosociological Perspective: Social Structure  

   Social Institutions  

   The Microsociological Perspective: Social Interaction in Everyday Life  

   The Need for Both Macrosociology and Microsociology  

   Summary and Review  

   Through the Author's Lens: Vienna  

   Through the Author's Lens: When a Tornado Strikes  


Chapter 5: How Sociologists Do Research


   What Is a Valid Sociological Topic?   

   Common Sense and the Need for Sociological Research  

   A Research Model

   Research Methods  

   Gender in Sociological Research  

   Ethics in Sociological Research

   How Research and Theory Work Together

   Summary and Review


Part II Social Groups and Social Control   


Chapter 6: Societies to Social Networks


   Societies and Their Transformation  

   Groups Within Society 

   Group Dynamics  

   Summary and Review  


Chapter 7: Bureaucracy and Formal Organizations


   The Rationalization of Society  

   Formal Organizations and Bureaucracies  

   Voluntary Associations

   Working for the Corporation

   Humanizing the Corporate Culture   

   Global Competition in an Age of Uncertainty  

   Summary and Review  


Chapter 8: Deviance and Social Control  


   What Is Deviance?

   The Symbolic Interactionist Perspective

   The Functionalist Perspective   

   The Conflict Perspective  

   Reactions to Deviance    

   Summary and Review


Part III Social Inequality   


Chapter 9: Global Stratification   


   Systems of Social Stratification 

   What Determines Social Class?

   Why Is Social Stratification Universal? 

   How Do Elites Maintain Stratification? 

   Comparative Social Stratification  

   Global Stratification: Three Worlds  

   How Did the World's Nations Become Stratified?   

   Maintaining Global Stratification   

   Strains in the Global System   

   Summary and Review

   Through the Authors Lens: The Dump People: 


Chapter 10: Social Class in the United States  


   What Is Social Class?  

   Sociological Models of Social Class   

   Consequences of Social Class  

   Social Mobility


   Summary and Review  


Chapter 11: Sex and Gender   


   Issues of Sex and Gender   

   Gender Inequality in Global Perspective   

   Gender Inequality in the United States  

   Gender Inequality in the Workplace   

   Gender and Violence

   The Changing Face of Politics  

   Glimpsing the Future—With Hope  

   Summary and Review  

   Through the Author's Lens: Work and Gender: Women at Work in India


Chapter12: Race and Ethnicity     


   Laying the Sociological Foundation   

   Prejudice and Discrimination  

   Theories of Prejudice

   Global Patterns of Intergroup Relations

   Racial-Ethnic Relations in the United States

   Looking Toward the Future   

   Summary and Review  


Chapter 13: The Elderly


   Aging in Global Perspective   

   The Symbolic Interactionist Perspective

   The Functionalist Perspective

   The Conflict Perspective  

   Recurring Problems  

   The Sociology of Death and Dying  

   Looking Toward the Future   

   Summary and Review  


Part IV Social Institutions


Chapter 14: The Economy  


   The Transformation of Economic Systems   

   The Transformation of the Medium of Exchange   

   World Economic Systems   

   The Functionalist Perspective on the Globalization of Capitalism

   The Conflict Perspective on the Globalization of Capitalism  

   Work in U.S. Society  

   Global Capitalism and Our Future   

   Summary and Review  

   Through the Author's Lens: Small TownUSA


Chapter 15: Politics


   Micropolitics and Macropolitics   

   Power, Authority, and Violence   

   Types of Government  

   The U.S. Political System   

   Who Rules the United States?  

   War and Terrorism: Implementing Political Objectives  

   A New World Order? 

   Summary and Review  


Chapter 16: Marriage and Family    


   Marriage and Family in Global Perspective  

   Marriage and Family in Theoretical Perspective

   The Family Life Cycle  

   Diversity in U.S. Families

   Trends in U.S. Families

   Divorce and Remarriage  

   Two Sides of Family Life

   The Future of Marriage and Family

   Summary and Review  


Chapter 17: Education    


   The Development of Modern Education   

   Education in Global Perspective   

   The Functionalist Perspective: Providing Social Benefits

   The Conflict Perspective: Perpetuating Social Inequality

   The Symbolic Interactionist Perspective: Teacher Expectations

   Problems in U.S. Education—and Their Solutions      

   Technology and Education  

   Summary and Review  


Chapter 18: Medicine and Health  


   Sociology and the Study of Medicine and Health  

   The Symbolic Interactionist Perspective

   The Functionalist Perspective

   The Conflict Perspective  

   Historical Patterns of Health      

   Issues in Health Care

   Threats to Health

   Treatment or Prevention?   

   The Future of Medicine

   Summary and Review


Part V Social Change


Chapter 19: Population and Urbanization   


Population in Global Perspective

   A Planet with No Space for Enjoying Life?     

   Population Growth     


   The Development of Cities  

   Models of Urban Growth

   City Life  

   Urban Problems and Social Policy     

   Summary and Review  

   Through the Author's Lens: A Walk Through El Tiro in  Medellin, Columbia


Chapter 20: Social Change and the Environment


   How Social Change Transforms Social Life

   Theories and Processes of Social Change   

   How Technology Changes Society  

   The Growth Machine Versus the Earth 

   Summary and Review  


Epilogue: Why Major in Sociology?   



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